We are more than 100 years old business group engaged in Tobacco snuff and consumer products.

In year 1972, DENTOBAC (Tobacco Creamy Snuff) was launched.

Dentobac creamy snuff is a tobacco powder (also known as Snuff), however it's texture is creamy and not powder.

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Dentobac Creamy Snuff Tube

Dentobac Creamy Snuff Tube is available in 25g, 50g, 100g and 150g.

Dentobac Creamy Snuff in Jar

Dentobac Creamy Snuff in Jar available in 100g.

Snuff Powder

Dentobac Snuff powder available in 20g and 50g.


Ingredients  : Tobacco Snuff Powder, Excipients.

Declaration  : This is not toothpaste / toothpowder but a tobacco product.

This is snuff of tobacco in cream form.

Warnings     : Tobacco is injurious to health.

Not for persons under 18 years. Keep it away from Children.



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